Melina Poghosyan (Grants)

    Was born in Armenia, Yerevan in 1983. In 2005 has graduated the State Academy of Fine Arts in Yerevan. Have qualification of artist-stylist.

   Till 2006 my professional activity has been reflected in such spheres as fashion, learning the costumes of various countries and application of its details in sketches, elaboration of textile patterns, shoe design.

   In the working technique (creativity particulars) I prefer the mixed combination of miscellaneous artistic materials: photographs, illustrations, a collage, national elements etc.

    Before becoming a graphic designer, I have worked as a designer of clothes, shoe and carpet for some time.

    Clearly understanding that design of clothes and accessories took me most of all, from time to time I tried to return from graphic design to fashion and to acquire allies and like-minded persons in this field. For this purpose I have decided to create an own site which would help me to acquire more friends and connections among people who are not indifferent to art and design, to share with my creative ideas and to exchange experience with colleagues on interests.

    Since then, as my activity in the sphere of graphic design has begun, I had a good opportunity to work over various interesting projects, concerning the outdoor advertising in Armenia, to become a partner of fascinating promo-actions and to learn much useful about design.

    In connection with graphic design, I also elaborated advertising displays, stands, trade marks, made graphic design of exteriors for restaurants, boutiques, entertainment centres and other establishments.

    In the list of my hobbies are: fashion design, web-design, interest to cultures of Armenia, ancient Egypt, Tibet and Italy. And in fashion sphere I love designing lines of clothes, from material matching up to fitting accessories and bringing out the collection to a podium.

    Beginning from 2012 I was carried away with photography and now I'm a student of New York Institute of Photography.

    At present I take design and photo orders. But a big part of my life takes my family, as I'm not only a specialist, but a loving wife and happy mother.

    If you are interested in my portfolio, bee free to contact me via:

I wish new developments in the field of fashion and advertising to be carried out without damage to nature and animals...
Planet Earth is our only home!


Participation in competitions:

2002 - Golden Palette

2003 - International exhibition-sale Expo-2003, devoted to wedding traditions and its attributes, for participation in which has been presented a Diploma.

2003 - Fashion competition Russian Silhouette.

2004 - In newspaper Voice of Armenia was published an article about collections: The chocolate romanticism, Seven wonders of the world, Abstract Mind.

2005 - Fashion show Fashion week in Armenia.

2003/2005 - Was a member of the Fashion week in Armenia Fashion Designers Union.


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