Basic principles

  Presently the graphic design is widely shown-up in all its variety. Especially brightly it comes out in some certain spheres of advertising. And advertising is a delicate business,so it takes time and claims special attention. It is of main importance in the business world.
    Advertising has many branches, but we will speak about its two kinds in which as it has been noticed earlier, the graphic design is most brightly shown. This two kinds are following :

    1. The print advertising
    2. The street advertising

    The print advertising, as a rule, depends to a large extent on the new technologies ensuring its high quality. Speaking about a print advertising as a whole, it is necessary to notice, that a huge spectrum of published materials of advertising character - posters, corporate accessories, advertising announcements, booklets and other presentation materials - have the big popularity and already stand well with the advertisers for a long time.
    Certainly, each self-esteemed organisation tries to have only to it inherent, unique, recognised on the market, individual style. This style is generally shown in logos, trade marks,etc, in which many details and nuances are included. For example, certain colours, the sizes of design examples, the company motto and other. And everything taken together as an entire image is used to display features, concepts and the purposes of the advertised company. There are examples brought below on the logos of famous trade marks, each of which has its corporate style and has acquired a worthy calling.

    If you have an own idea about making the logo for your organization, before doing an order you may first collect some material around it (on which all concept of design will be based), then give them to a designer, who will make the creative part of required ultimate goal. It will save your valuable time and will quicken the process of image making.
    Our problem is to help you with that situation when you dont have special plans about your business image. After discussion of a question on individual advertising details and accents we will prepare some samples of design from which you can choose a variant most suitable for you. It will add chances of your personal choice and will exclude samples in which you arent interested.
    As to contents (an information part) of the design examplar, it can be placed on different printable materials : brochures, booklets, posters, business cards, etc and depends on the final purpose. But it is desirable, that the valuable information which you try to bring to the market consumers notice, was on the visible side of product. It will increase consumer possibility to see probable interesting offers from the given company (actions, discounts and other). It is necessary to take care about the information contents not less, than of a general view of printed goods. It should be matched with the design and the purposes, which are pursued by the given advertising. In a word, a brand project should have structure (carcass), on which all other details will gather.

    The second kind of "self-expression" of customers is the outdoor advertising. Not so long ago, in the days of Soviet system the advertising placed in points of sale or entertainment clubs, was out of the question. Its application was considered as needless and that was quite reasonable : few goods nothing to advertise. Nowadays the case has fundamentally changed. Trade advertising became an integral part of the general advertise campaign closely connected with process of realization.
    Presently the advertisement arranged in the market, at streets and at various entertainment centres, differs with brightness and a variety of forms. There is a huge set of advertise vehicle sorts. Depending on the purpose all kinds of outdoor advertisement can be divided into two types:

    1. The first type includes the billboards of various sizes, city-format installations, roof installations, wall boards, advertising on transport, a various sorts of guideboards.
    2. The second type is formed by different elements of external and internal design, illuminated (or without) signboards, miscellaneous plates, show-cases, vitrages and exhibition stands.

    The outdoor advertising has no less advantages than the printing. It captures attention regardless of whether it is liked to see or not and ensures recognition of the advertised object at instant influence on the viewer by all means. It also creates effect of presence of the given product in the market, furthers the solution of brand goals. Its achievement often consists in creation of the image or design which would be stamped on a memory for a long time.
   The main ways of making a picture are application with pressure sensitive adhesives and computer four-colour large-format print.
    The second way receives an increasing application due to the possibility of making posters (broadsheets) of any sizes and gaining high quality images with assured brightness and ink proofness to natural influences. On the pictures stated below you can see the examples of images, which are made with the techniques mentioned above.

    However, very often advertising becomes so loud, that kills the represented objects or goods by itself. As to advertising inside the points-of-sale terminals, preferebly that in a trading hall (by all its brightness) its used as a background for the goods. I.e. advertising acts not as the main and self-valuable element of interior design,but as its supplement working on realization. The advertising background should draw attention to a trade point, instead of itself. Bright and laconic planes perfectly serve the purpose of background.On such planes a brand title or a sign can be placed. It is necessary to note one interesting regularity : the larger and laconic is trade advertising, the best results are achieved on goods off-load.
    To raise efficiency and to give the more expressiveness to the advertising placed in zones of trade, it is possible also at the expense of its harmonious inclusion in a business style, as today named, the corporate design-program. This process implies an efficient use of single-type structures and advertising resources (logos, colours, forms, etc.) in the different in function elements of a trading hall.

    Its purpose is creation of the uniform environment, in which each element (advertising, equipment, architecture, product) supplement each other, complying with the unified artistic concept . Finally, advertising should reflect specificity of the product, bring up in relation to it any wide and deep associations opening its high exploitation qualities.

    Hope, that all the information stated above will be useful not only to customers, but also each visitor of a site which is a bit attracted with this absorbing sphere of activity -advertising. And you know advertising - the whole art!
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