The best method of informing the potential client about the goods and services of the company is booklets. First, booklets is a cheap and effective way of corporate advertising. Secondly, the booklet are designed for a mass audience. Today booklets are the most used and effective form of advertising.     Advertising booklet contains three important components:

    1. The visuals,
    2. Information block,
    3. Necessary contact information.

    Booklets are one of the most popular small printing forms. Universal and inexpensive, they are an absolutely essential tool for thepromotion of a company or its products on the market.
    Booklet comes from the French "bouclett"- which means "ring". It's a sheet, printed on both sides, that has one or more parallel folds and doubles as a screen. This gives the item a compactness and separates the information blocks structural: they are read by a ring, hence the name. So the information can be presented consecutively in a pre-thought-out manner.
    Booklets are ideal for informing customers about the product or service sales offices, at exhibitions, presentations, in places of conducting of advertising companies. Competent booklet contains answers to the main questions that may arise when Your potential customer. And if he will «unusual», the booklet will distinguish You from the other proposals.
    Unlike flyers booklet is printed sheet, folded in half, three times, four times, etc. That is, circulation passes a certain additional finishing process, which certainly gives the product a more solid-looking, but, at the same time, entails additional costs.
    Booklet of the enterprise can be called a kind of average option between the flyer and brochure - it is chosen in situations where the tactics of advertising campaign does not imply savings at the expense of the appearance, but at the same time not to break out beyond the planned budget.
    Design of the booklet in the General case requires the following elements: logo, contact information, graphic materials (slides, photos, artwork and text information. And it's better that your advertising booklet was bright and unique. For printing booklets can be used most different varieties of securities: from simple coated paper to expensive designer securities, capable to satisfy any customer's requirements. Standard formats booklet (in factored form): booklet A3, A4 booklet, leaflet 297х630 mm, booklet 210х210 mm, but the customer, the size may be different.
    As a post-press finishing products in the manufacture of the booklet with the following types of printing works: lamination, UV-varnishing, cutting, foil stamping, embossing, and others.

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