The fifties

  "Golden 50-s" is a nostalgic era, not only for American citizens but for many generations. After the war a period of tough savings came to an end. The U.S. government has put forward the slogan: "Spend more!" So-called "consumer society" began forming with the new attitudes of values oriented to a potential consumer of middle class. It is considered that the style of 50th was the most graceful and fascinating in the history of the twentieth century. Fashion helped women to create or emphasize the ideal figure, moreover, at that time a bright makeup was commonly-used that was applied in the morning. Women who had a thin waist, sloping shoulders, significant bust and hips became a standard of beauty. Public opinion shaped a near-perfect woman who should look great even during her household businesses.
The new hourglass silhouette was opposed to a wartime straight silhouette with extended shoulders. Woman body was literally "molded" to the required standard from different things - laid a cotton wool in bras, tightened waists. Big breasts came into fashion, and it had to be pointed and lifted so high that it already seemed unnatural. Popular actresses of those days were considered a standard of beauty and style: Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn. Brigitte Bardot became a standard of beauty among young people.
Very popular was the style "H" proposed by Christian Dior - straight skirt in combination with a soft or tightened bodice. "Stylish" 3/4 or 7/8-length sleeves required long elegant gloves. Matched with the color of the toilet, short nylon or fishnet gloves were no less fashionable. There was always a small round cap, coquettishly shifted to the eye, which was replaced by a so-called meningitka, a cap covering the back of the head in winter - a small cap that covered only a head. Clips, bracelets, jewelry with semi-precious stones like crystal, topaz, malachite were popular accessories. In addition, sunglasses with pointed corners, so-called "arrows", were incredibly popular. They were decorated with rhinestones. During the decade "check" pattern of various forms as well as a Dior brand combination of pink and gray were very fashionable.
Menswear has also undergone changes. The image of "the bourgeois in a pot" became a thing of the past. Soft hats replaced the pot and then they were replaced by berets. Later on it was fashionable to go bareheaded. At the beginning of the 50th a double-breasted jacket with two buttons remained fashionable. Lapels were elongated and wide. In the second half of the 50th narrowed bottom pants - pipes (to look slimmer), nylon and single-breasted jackets, more form-fitting than the double-breasted jackets, came into fashion

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